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Stephanie Deutsch

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I enjoy sharing this story with students and with book groups.  I also love to visit Rosenwald schools and speak with alumni.


“The story of Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington is a tribute to two very special men. What they were able to accomplish together with their schools is an extraordinary monument to what a collaboration based on commitment, brains, and resources can do. Stephanie Deutsch has told the tale with page-turning detail and context.”

—Jim Lehrer, PBS NewsHour

“Many Americans know the up-from-poverty story of Booker T. Washington but few know the story of Sears president and millionaire Julius Rosenwald. Fewer still know of the friendship between these two men and how it led to the education of thousands of black students across the South. This is a moving story of black-Jewish cooperation at teh turn of the twentieth century, when prospects for interracial relations seemed dim. You Need a Schoolhouse is an inspiring read.”

—Julian Bond, NAACP Chairman Emeritus