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Rosenwald River Center

This fall, at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s annual conference in Buffalo, I met Carol Shields who was bubbling over with enthusiasm for the work she has been doing transforming the run down, abandoned Hamilton Colored School building into the Rosenwald River Center.  Here’s her post for the Trust website about her work.


2 responses to “Rosenwald River Center”

  1. Stephanie~
    I am just reading this entry on your blog for the first time (as a result of a search I was doing). Thank you for sharing the link to my blog for the National Trust. May I also share the link to our Hamilton Rosenwald Preservation project here?


    Thanks for your beautiful way with words and for your recently released book which is a gift to all of us who yearn to know more about the intriguing Rosenwald/Washington partnership that yielded such a transformative legacy. Look forward with great pleasure to seeing you again at Tuskegee!

    • stephanie says:

      Great to hear from you, Carol. Of course, glad to have you share your link. And I too look forward to Tuskegee! See you there. Stephanie

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